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How can Numood help you in achieving success here and in the hereafter?

I established "Numood" with a vision of helping those around me, who are looking for ways to improve themselves to achieve their goals of life and create an impact for themselves and for those around them.

"Numood" will be offering standardized and bespoke programs for professionals in all fields of life.

You can match your profile with the standard client profiles and see what we have for you!

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What can I offer You?

Through One-on-One, small group sessions, or relatively longer courses, I can work with you as a teacher, mentor or coach to help you deal with one or more of your challanges related to these domains of your life:

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Our Programs

Leadership Development

Leadership  Development is the heart of  Numood and an integral part of its vision.
With over 24 years of professional experience, Dr. Yahya offers several individual, group-based, course-based programs, which may be attended on-site and on-line 

For checking what suits you best, click here for details. 

Personal Development

Dr. Yahya has been writing and conducting sessions on personal development since more than a decade now.  His own journey is a testament to his commitment to develop himself and help those around him to walk on the same path.  His writings  with the name of "Mehwar" have changed many lives.  

He offers several individual, group-based, course-based programs, which may be attended on-site and on-line.
To see which of his offerings can help you and are the best fit for you, please click here.  


I have been teaching and delivering various workshops and courses on productivity and time-management.  During my four decades of life, I have developed some methods, which have helped me move through my life and career.  My own profile is a testament to my methods and practices, which have helped me throughout this journey.  

You can learn a lot from these workshops and sessions, learn from my personal experience and improve your Personal and Professional life.

Career Development

I have been working  with students  all my professional life.  Served mainly in the education  sector, been on the interview panels and taught in different MBA programs.  Besides , I am a certified Career Counselor.  Our Career counseling services include career counseling sessions, preparation for job interviews and help with ATS compatible CV writing to help You become among the top applicants.  For details, see here.

Life Coaching

As a trained Life Coach from the First Institute of Dynamic Learning by Mr. Kamran Sultan, my services are available as  Life Coach.

Though my preferred method  is  Temencing (See below),  and I would like you to morph into a Coaching Program  by going through Teaching  and Mentoring  first, however,  if you are confident enough, we can directly start  Coaching Sessions.

Life Coaching with me will be be just about setting and achieving goals; it would be about uncovering your fullest potential, fostering resilience, and guiding you towards a life of purpose, values and balance, true to your identity. 

Creative Writing and Storytelling

I started writing "Mehwar" in 2016.  During all these years, I have honed my craft of writing, and have kept improving it.  Hundreds of people read "Mehwar" everyday and keep telling me that it has changed their lives.

The craft of storytelling, and writing pursuasively can be learnt and can be taught.  I will be teaching this craft through courses designed for students and early career professionals.

Teacher's Development

Starting from Meritorious, I have been teaching professionally since 2000.  Having an experience of Teaching from School to Ph. D level courses, and of subjects ranging from Religion, Biomedical Sciences, Management Sciences, Psychology and Marketing, I train teachers on developing engaging lectures, teaching adults and how to improve their teaching using latest tools.  Teaching with Technology is my newfound love.  I also have a WhatsApp Group, named Terrific Teaching, where I share material regarding improving our teaching practices.  You can join it through this link.

Workforce Development

I have been on administrative positions since 2011, and during all these years, I have worked closely with my team members, invsting time and energy in them to help them grow and perform better.  My workforce trainings are designed to cultivate excellence and professional growth. Through a blend of Islamic values and modern expertise, I aim to empower my audience with the skills necessary for both personal and professional success. 

This program combines practical skills training with ethical development, ensuring a well-rounded approach to workplace excellence. 



I will teach You how to fly... metaphorically speaking

Then ... 

I will mentor you to help you fly with confidence..

And then.... 

I will coach you to soar high up in the sky... 

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